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Plesir Alam Islamic History Tours

Headquartered in the capital city and cultural center of Jakarta, Plesir Alam, a unique tour operator specialize in Islamic History Tours has committed to provide an inspiring travel experience throughout Indonesia, Palestine, Turkey, and Japan.
At Plesir Alam, we consider travelling is not only to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also to seek knowledge and find meaning of God’s wonderful creation on earth. Where is in line with our slogan, travelling with meaning.

Why focus in Islamic History Tours?

Unlike other tour operators in Indonesia, Plesir Alam is more focus in Islamic History Tours due to inspire travellers to experience unique places, artifacts, and activities that authentically represent the Islamic stories and people of the past.

Why experience Indonesian Islamic History Tours?

With 17,508 islands, 737 living languages, and over 300 ethnic groups, Indonesia has uniquely become the largest Muslim country in the world. Apart from the country’s diverse cultural traditions, unspoiled natural beauty, art, culture, and people, Indonesia interestingly has an inspiring history in accepting Islam peacefully as the majority religion in many regions from far west Aceh to east Lombok, where it’s worth to discover as a story treasure for world travellers.
Therefore, don’t waste your time! Let’s experience Indonesian Islamic History Tours in Aceh as the winner of World’s Best Halal Cultural Destination, West Sumatera as the winner of World’s Best Halal Tourism & Culinary Destination, and Lombok as the winner of World’s Best Halal Honeymoon Destination!

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